The Central Park Elementary School PTO, or Parent Teacher Organization, is made up of volunteer parents and guardians, staff, and teacher representatives.  Our vision is to support our school through building a community of volunteers with a common goal of improving the educational experience of all students.

Throughout the school year PTO works to raise funds for classrooms and special projects; organizes community-building activities; provides support to teachers; and reaches out to families. Some notable PTO projects in recent years have included improvements and repairs to playground equipment, financial assistance with general school maintenance needs, purchasing stage risers, educational software licenses, funding to help meet the needs of our students needing assistance, and supporting the school’s STEM and physical education programs by providing training and gym equipment.

PTO is led by a president, a vice president, a treasurer, a secretary and several coordinating chairpersons who manage everything from connecting parents to resources for their children, multiple fundraising events, parent communication, teacher appreciation events and school wide functions. CPE-PTO also serves as an umbrella for other volunteer groups and activities, such as homeroom helpers.

PTO is ALWAYS in need of volunteers. Our meetings are open to the public.  If you have an idea or would like to get involved, we would love to talk with you!  Click here to see our current list of volunteer needs.